Student Recital

A monthly recital for students that have some experience performing in public. Students range from intermediate level to advanced. These recitals are held at the Trianon Theater, 72 North 5th Street, San Jose.

Recital Programs

2:00 Recital 3:15 Recital
October 8, 2017 Program Program
November 12, 2017 Program Program
December 10, 2017 Program Program
January 14, 2018 Program Program
February 11, 2018 Program Program
February 18, 2018 Program Program
March 11, 2018 Program Program
April 8, 2018 Program Program
May 13, 2018 Program Program

Applying for the Recitals

  • You must be a member of MTAC Santa Clara to enroll students in the recital.
  • Submit oneĀ application for each student or ensemble.
  • There is a $25 fee for participation in the recital.
  • Performances are limited to 7 minutes, and no more than two pieces or movements.
  • Click here to submit an application.