Ruth Slenczynska talks about Prokofiev, piano technique, with Q&A!

   Date: May 22, 2014 (Thursday)

Time: 945AM

Location: Lincoln Glen Church, 2700 Booksin Avenue, San Jose

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— Her teachers were legendary: Alfred Cortot, Rachmaninoff, Hofmann, Egon Petri, Artur Schnabel
— A pianist of impeccable technique and musical insight
— Has been invited to play in white house by 4 presidents
— Experienced, practical, and to-the-point!
— A judge in many important competitions
-- We will have a Q&A, so please send in your questions to

This month, our speaker is Ms. Ruth Slenczynska.  Ruth currently lives in New York.  Miss Slenczynska was one of the most famous of 20th-century child prodigies, and she just gave a concert six months ago when she was 88 years old!

Ms. Ruth Slenczynska performed her debut in Berlin at age six, and made her debut in Paris with a full orchestra at age eleven. She became an instant musical sensation in Europe, heralded as the first child prodigy since Mozart.

She published a book of memoirs, Forbidden Childhood (1957), which deals with life as a child prodigy, and a book on piano technique, Music at Your Fingertips: Aspects of Pianoforte Technique (1961).

We will have a Q&A, so please send in your questions to   She is an amazing speaker with deep musical knowledge, so this is not to be missed!

Thanks to Dr Hans Boepple!
We want to thank Dr. Hans Boepple for giving us his wonderful talk, “7 Essential Needs for All Pianist.”  Many teachers came to tell me that they wished that the talk is longer.  Don’t worry, we are very lucky that Dr. Boepple is in our branch, and we will hear from him again soon!

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